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Lanyards are one of the most functional items in today’s active world. For everyday uses such as displaying of IDs and credentials in offices, schools, hospitals or airports to special events like a rock concert, a Nascar race or the Olympics in which the badge lanyard is first used to display tickets and special passes and then kept as a memorabilia or souvenir. Lanyard, neck lanyard, fashion lanyard or promotional lanyard, by any name, you may be surprised to learn of its wide array of applications. Read on to learn more about how lanyards can be a convenient and cost effective solution for you.

Employee and Visitor Identification

Employee and Visitor Identification
In today's work environment, identifying visitors and employees is essential to protecting your people and property. Use our badge id lanyards to display credentials prominently and securely with hands-free convenience. Attach to a proximity card holder to lock ids in place.

Visitor management is crucial to completing a secure work, study, or recreation environment. Log-in visitor books no longer provide satisfactory visitor monitoring or lobby security. Self-expiring visitor badges provide real security by making it possible for staff to quickly spot authorized and unauthorized visitors.