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Lanyards are one of the most functional items in today’s active world. For everyday uses such as displaying of IDs and credentials in offices, schools, hospitals or airports to special events like a rock concert, a Nascar race or the Olympics in which the badge lanyard is first used to display tickets and special passes and then kept as a memorabilia or souvenir. Lanyard, neck lanyard, fashion lanyard or promotional lanyard, by any name, you may be surprised to learn of its wide array of applications. Read on to learn more about how lanyards can be a convenient and cost effective solution for you.

Employee and Visitor Identification

Schools and Hospitals
Lanyards have become a popular way to keep track of your keys and even id passes that we all have to carry these days. Students and medical staff are looking for a stylish option.

  • •  The college student must carry their college identification cards around campus to access buildings and check out books so having your id handy on a college lanyard can be an easy way to have it quickly available. College lanyards are also a great way to show your pride in your school.
  • •  Nurse and medical lanyards provide a stylish way to display your id. Medical lanyards have the added convenience of a key ring and the additional safety of a breakaway feature. And, they can be customized with your hospital colors and logo.


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