Break-away Lanyard

Break-away Lanyard

For your beloved ones, you need to choose the best lanyard for him/her. Apart from attractive design, durability, safety is what you really concern, especially avoiding the lanyard being dragged by moving vehicles or operating machines. BA lanyard buckles will automatically “breakaway” during the above mentioned situations, protect the user without any delay.

* O-ring & slide hook are assembled in the lanyard, badge reel and badge holder need to be ordered separately.

BA buckles
BA buckles for different widths and colors of lanyard

No flip
Slide Hook – fix the upper side of ID card facing outside without flip, the hook color must matched with lanyard color

O-ring & slide hook are assembled in lanyard

8-colors lanyard for selection: (from left) black, white, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red